Vladimir Zholud

Oslo-based digital product designer with expertise in web technologies, specializing in User Experiences and User Interfaces.

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Creating the future of sport streaming at Joymo

Joymo Share

Livestreaming app, which offers scoreboards for multiple sports, a scorekeeper mode, advertising tools, direct filming from the app or through an external camera, and much more.

iOS and Android app

Joymo Share. Figure 2
Joymo Share. Figure 3
Joymo Share. Figure 4
Joymo Share. Figure 5
Joymo Share. Figure 6
Joymo Share. Figure 7
Joymo Share. Figure 8
Joymo Share. Figure 9

Joymo TV

Streaming platform to bring live, on-demand, behind the scenes, and short form content together in one place where fans can enjoy their favorite sport.

Web app

Joymo TV. Figure 1
Joymo TV. Figure 2
Joymo TV. Figure 3
Joymo TV. Figure 5
Joymo TV. Figure 6
Joymo TV. Figure 7
Joymo TV. Figure 8
Joymo TV. Figure 9
Joymo TV. Figure 10

Head of design
at full-service digital agency

My role

By leading a team of designers and collaborating closely with developers, I ensured that all design projects were seamlessly executed from concept to deployment.

Web design,
iOS/Android apps

Mash outlet. Home page
Htkz. Home screen
Jacob Lee London
Maxus corporate
Megabank. SMS confirmation
Htkz. Hotels on the map
Maxus Corporate
Maxus Platform
Htkz. Price change card
Megabank. City selection
Mash outlet
Megabank. Morgage icon
Beautis. Black friday instagram promo
Beautis. Home page
Maxus Corporate
Htkz. Illustration

Coding enthusiast
during my spare time


Although coding can certainly benefit the design process and lead to better communication with developers, the truth is that I find coding to be a rewarding and enjoyable activity in and of itself.

CSS and JS magic

Ninja Guru
Ninja Guru
Piano Trio Fest
Typography patterns generator
Ninja Guru
Ninja Guru
Typography patterns generator
Piano Trio Fest
Ninja Guru
Typography patterns generator
Ninja Guru
Piano Trio Fest
Typography patterns generator

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